SPA salon Līga (since 1994)

SPA salon Līga is an oasis of peace in the very center of city Valmiera. A place to recover from a fast-paced daily routine and regain both emotional and physical balance. Our mission is to provide a pleasant, warm and comfortable environment that will make everyone who comes to us feel welcome. Our job is our passion, and it helps us achieve excellence in what we do!
We help people implement this simple wisdom – to take care of themselves in a timely and regular manner. In addition, we prove how enjoyable it is!

Beauty and wellness treatments, such as massages, facial and body treatments, rituals and SPA treatments, as well as organic face and body cosmetics for pampering and rejuvenating ourselves at home, are our belief in living in harmony with nature.


As a “child” of the salon, the cosmetics brand has naturally grown, which we still nurture and take care of it every day with our own hands. Grown out of the desire to give the customer the best. Cosmetics whose composition we are absolutely sure of. Natural, health-friendly, but effective.

It is a hand-made cosmetics, the ingredients of which we carefully select, verifying their organic origin and beneficial effects on the body and skin, as well as following the latest discoveries in the organic cosmetics industry.

Līga Nature SPA is based on 25 years of experience in beauty care and working with clients, performing cosmetic and spa procedures. Each raw material has its own purpose, each product has its own special concept, developed to the deepest essence, to solve the skin care problems that our customers face both in the salon and elsewhere on a daily basis.

The latest trends, testing of raw materials, laboratory experiments and the creation of live cosmetics in accordance with the belief in living with nature – caring for it and loving it. Having the gifts that nature offers to us. And in return caring for pollution reduction and a clean, ecological environment in which people interact with everything they live.

Our essence is relaxation and rejuvenation through mind, body, spirit and emotional well-being. In order to be sure that we provide the best to the customer, our masters also use our own created and tested Līga Nature SPA face and body care products, in the production of which we use only certified (ecocert / soil association / cosmos, etc.) raw materials created in modern laboratories or obtained on organic farms, the operation of which is strictly monitored in order to minimize the use and entry of any substances harmful to the organism and the environment into our cosmetics.

SPA MAISONETTE (since 2014)

An oasis of harmony and peace in Valmiera near the Gauja. In our house we offer spa treatments with accommodation for complete cleansing and pampering of body and spirit. In the house you can warm up in both a wood-burning and steam bath, enjoy peeling and massage, look at the sky-heated outdoor tub and indulge in leisurely conversations for two by the fireplace or in the cozy second-floor tea corner, where the aromas of Latvian herbs vibrate in the air. In the romantically furnished room of the house, where in the soft play after the sauna ritual everyone will feel like being born again, there will be undisturbed night peace and beautiful dreams. In the morning we will serve breakfast from fresh and healthy products.


Since November 2018, production premises have been opened in a picturesque place – on the shore of Lake Trikāta. We invite you to visit to get acquainted with the art of creating face cream and to get acquainted with our work, as well as to learn something new about the cosmetics industry, raw materials, essential oils, etc. topics of interest and interest. Master class duration 2 hours / we accept groups of up to 15 people.