Amber SPA ritual


Product Description

We have created special womanly SPA ritual in order to give you the energy of a northern nature. We have filled it with valuable amber – the sun jewel from the Baltic Sea, which had been nursed by the streams of the sea for million years. Feel the warmth of the amber together with honeyed warm aroma.

  • Foot bathe in amber salt bath
  • Sauna – colour, sound, aroma therapy
  • Body scrub –will effectively  clean your skin caring for its charming softness. In order to free the energy of the northern nature concentrated in the piece of amber scrub is enriched with powder made of amber – special treasure nursed in the death of the sea for million years. Your skin is being pleasantly massaged by fine shells of capuach nut and particles of scrub of high value like  stones of polished amber smooth every line of your body.
  • Relaxing  Amber – pearl bathe- relaxing, stimulating thoughts of freedom and laxity
  • Relaxing body massage releases muscles and mind from stress and affects nervous system. Amber heats the body and balances emotional state. During the procedure cells are enriched with oxygen toxins are lead out and prevent aging process of skin and body.
  • Facial treatment- toning, scrubbing, light massage and cream application

Tea ritual…

Duration of ritual 120 min