Bali Lulur


Product Description

Since early 17th century it has been the most recognized ritual for relaxation and beauty recovery, which was originated in the island of Bali, Indonesia, and which initially could afford only the noble citizens. This ritual provides all the healing effects for the body and active features that possess to aromatic herbs, yogurt and fruits, which are mixed and used in different ways during the procedure.

  • Foot bathe in herb milk bath with empowering and draining foot massage
  • Body peeling – compress with yogurt, herbs and citrus fruits
  • Massage with Bali lulur massage oil
  • Facial treatment- toning, cleansing, light massage and cream application

The main element of the procedure is exclusive mixture of spices, which is made of rice powder and aromatic herbs with excellent characteristics: ginger (anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, strengthens the immune system), cardamom (restores circulation activity), ground almonds, red pepper (stimulates circulation and tones) and turmeric (refreshing and cleansing). This massage is very useful for the body, because it strengthens the protection capability of the immune system, resists oxidation and amazingly tones tissues, maintaining youthful beauty.

Duration of ritual 120 min / Eur 50,00