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Cooling eye gel with Dill seed essential oil, 5 ml

5 ml


Product Description

A light gel for the eye area that has a cooling effect. It moisturises the skin, reduces puffiness and is great for refreshing tired eyes. Dill seed essential oil can improve eye health with prolonged use, while hyaluronic acid hydrates skin cells and smooths fine lines.

Suitable for all skin types.

Apply in the morning and evening in circular motions on clean skin around the eyes. Note! Dill seed essential oil can cause irritation if applied very close to the eyes.

Poppy seed oil, vitamin B3, menthol, Persian silk tree bark extract, tuberose extract, dill seed essential oil.

INCI: Aqua, Glycerin, Papaver Somniferum Seed Oil, Niacinamide, Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate, Sodium lactate, Lysolecithin, Sclerotium gum, Glyceryl caprylate, Xanthan gum, Pullulan, Menthol, Sodium levulinate, Sodium anisate, Retinyl palmitate, Tocopheryl acetate, Albizia Julibrissin bark extract,  Hydrogenated Olive Oil unsaponifiables, Polianthes tuberosa callus extract, Anethum graveolens Seed Oil, Limonene, Linoeic acid, Linalool, Oleic acid, Mica, Titanium dioxide, Linolenic acid, Tocopherol, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Darutoside, Iron dioxide.

This Līga Nature SPA cosmetic product has been microbiologically tested to guarantee its safe use for the entire shelf life indicated on the packaging. Our values are quality and care. We ensure that the customer receives freshly made natural cosmetics straight from the factory.

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