Linden tree blossom SPA treatment


Product Description

For calmness, feeling of comfort and harmony….

Linden tree and its golden blossom are known as effective mean to fight the stress, trouble and tiredness. Ritual stops the time and lets us to experience care of Latvian nature about mind and body harmony combined with the care of SPA professionals about feeling of comfort, calmness and health.

Linden blossom ritual includes 6 steps for getting over peacefulness, feeling of comfort and harmony.

  • Foot bathe in linden tree blossom milk bath and light relaxing massage of feet
  • Sauna of infra-red-light rays with colour therapy
  • Renewing linden blossom, honey and sugar body peeling
  • Nourishing body mask of linden tree blossom, shea butter and honey
  • While the body is being pampered with the mask, moistening/ renewing facial procedure specially created for this ritual- cleansing with foaming facial scrub made from linden tree blossom, toning with linden tree blossom water, relaxing massage with linden tree blossom facial cream
  • Relaxing bath from linden tree blossom and pearls
  • Body massage with linden tree blossom butter
  • Facial treatment- toning, scrubbing, light massafe and cream application

For full pleasure at the end you will be given linden tree blossom and tea with linden tree blossom honey…

Duration of ritual 180 min