DETOX face mask

60 g


Product Description

Face mask with bentonite and kaolin clay, activated carchoal, collagen, elfamoist and bitter orange – designed to release skin from free radicals and contaminants produced by environmental contamination, unhealthy lifestyle habits and radiation. Collagen gives the skin the elasticity and firmness, it also has the ability to restore cells. Thanks to the latest generation of active ingredient elfamoist, mask at the same time also intensively moisturizes.

SKIN TYPE: Designed for all types of skin.

APPLICATION: Apply on clean skin of face and decollette with gentle massage movements. Leave for 10-15 min., rinse. Use once a week.

KEY INGREDIENTS: collagen / ferulic acid / black charcoal / sodium lactate / bentonite / kaolin / E vitamin / B3 vitamin / orange bitter essential oil