Calming face cream with calendula & camomile extract, aloe vera and allantoin


Product Description

Cream for sensitive skin with a special formula, based on Sacha inchi oil. Cream contains bisabolol, panthenol, herbal extracts, which reduces irritation, soothes, nourishes and moisturizes. Linden blossom extract regenerates, soothes and softens the skin of the body and face, improves its protective functions, resulting in slower skin aging.

SKIN TYPE: Suitable for sensitive and irritated skin

Application: apply on cleansed skin in the face and décolleté area in the morning and evening.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Sacha inchi oil / wheat germ oil / coconut oil / camomile flower water / glycerin / aloe vera / titanium dioxide / E vitamin / vitamin F forte / rosemary extract / camomile extract / panthenol / calendula extract / bisabolol