Epsom salt for bath


Product Description

Epsom’s salt is magnesium sulphate, which is found in nature in special SPA sources. Its unique magnesium and sulfur content are unique. Magnesium is involved in all the metabolic processes in the diet, it regulates the functioning of the heart muscle. It plays an important role both in the normal functioning and division of cells and in the energy metabolism, which provides the body with energy. Sulfur permeates the body and forms amino acids, synthesizes collagen and protects the body’s cells from the inside and forms a connective tissue. Thanks to it, the skin after a bath in the Epsom salt bath becomes stronger and smooth, reduces cellulite.

APPLICATION: Use epsom salt in a bath because it absorbs it the easiest and immediately through the skin gets into muscle and rest of the body as much as is necessary. 250 g for bath is enough for maintaining normal balance of magnesium in body. To increase magnesium level in body, use 500 g of epsom salt once a week for longer period.