Eye gel with dill seed essential oil and menthol


Product Description

Light gel with argan oil, shea butter, pomegranate seed oil, blackberry and cranberry seed oil. Moisturizes and reduces edema. It has been scientifically proven that dill’s essential oil, when used for long periods, is able to improve eye health. Hyaluronic acid provides a moisturizing of the skin cells and smoothes out tiny wrinkles. Perfectly braces tired eyes.

SKIN TYPE: Suitable for all types of skin.

APPLICATION: Apply in morning and evening, applying with circular motions to clean skin around the eyes. Note! If the gel is applied very close to the eyes, the dill’s essential oil can create an irritating sensation.

KEY INGREDIENTS: argan oil / pomegranate seed oil / shea butter / A vitamin / blackberry seed oil / cranberry seed oil / evening primrose oil / jojoba oil / menthol / Persian silk tree bark extract / E vitamin / echinacea extract / dill seed essential oil