Healing back massage

Healing massage is one of the basic methods for the treatment and prevention of various injuries and illnesses. It greatly improves overall health and improves tone of life, has a positive effect on central and peripheral nerve syndrome.

Thanks to the therapeutic massage, the general condition of the subcutaneous tissue and skin improves significantly, the function of the fat and sweat glands normalizes, and blood and lymph circulation are improved.

Healing massage increases the elasticity of muscle fibers, as well as slows down the atrophic processes and reduces hypotrophy, the procedure promotes an increase in oxygen supply in muscle fibers. Positive effects are also in accelerating the body’s metabolism. Massage helps to increase hemoglobin, leukocytes, red blood cells in the blood. Massage modifications may vary depending on functional disorders in the body. It has its own technique, indication and contraindications.

We provide health insurance policies: Compensa, Baltikums, Balta, BTA, ERGO, etc. To use the policy of massage, you need a referral from a GP. Ask to  SPA Liga administration more about the service!

Healing massaging collar area and hands / back area / belly-cross area / legs

30 min Eur 17.00