Algae body wrapping

Seaweed is a very special plant – it has a unique DNA with strong and vital properties, it is able to adapt to even the most extreme conditions, which means that its inherent life force can be used for skin cell renewal. Seaweed possesses unique skin compatibility, since in terms of biocompatibility it is very similar to human plasma. Due to the similar concentration of water and salts, minerals in the seaweed and vital elements are easily transported deep into the skin cells, in addition to the right doses and perfect compatibility with the skin and the body. The procedure has detoxifying and remineralising effect, it brilliantly removes swelling and cellulite and strengthens the body’s contours. Algae are specially dried and embedded in powder, mixing them with water, activating the active substances.

Procedure: Problem area scrubing / seaweed application / wrapping / relaxing head, facial, foot or hand massage (optional) / clogging of problem zones with tonic emulsion or hot ginger / tea rituals

The appearance of the skin is noticeable and the feeling is improved after 1-2 procedures, but in order for the effect to last longer and the skin smooth for a longer period of time, the procedure is to be done in the form of a course. The amount of the course is from 5 to 10 procedures, depending on the initial condition of the skin.

Duration of the procedure 60 min / Eur 30,00