Anti-aging and lifting skin care treatments

Anti-aging and lifting skin care treatments improves skin elasticity, lifting and regenerates the skin generally. Consult your beauty professional to choose the best anti-aging and lifting skin care treatments that are right for you.

Anti-aging and lifting skin care treatments*


Single treatment system 5 IN 1                    90 min / eur 45                   120 min / eur 50

Anti-aging and lifting skin care treatment to improve the elasticity, smoothness, rejuvenation and lifting.

Includes: Diamond peel microdermabrasion + high pressure oxygen procedure + electroporation and radiofrequency + warming jade crystal massage + cryomassage. Cleansing, toning, 5in1 apparatus procedures, serum and facial cream application, eyebrow correction and eyelash tinting (as needed)


Rejuvenating facial massage with DUO Prof. V. Nazarov biostimulator

A biomechanical simulation treatment for facial muscles and tissues, during which the facial muscles and the longitudinal muscle fibers of the neck are stimulated with intensive, pleasant vibrations that form new muscle and even nerve cells.

This procedure trains the facial muscle system and improves cerebral blood circulation.

It promotes well-being and increases the skin’s elasticity, as well as gives it a healthy appearance, reduces aging wrinkles, strengthens hair follicles and improves vision

Includes: cleansing, toning, biostimulation massage therapy, mask, serum and facial cream application, eyebrow correction and eyelash tinting (as needed)


Vacuum fitness massage for face and décolleté         

60 min / eur 35                   90 min / eur 40                   120 min / eur 45

The procedure restores and revitalizes the capillary network, which provides the cells with better nutrition, improves the skin’s elasticity and colour and restores the level of collagen and elastin. The procedure helps sculpt the facial contour, smoothen fine wrinkles, improve the lymphatic circulation and obtain a healthy glow.

The vacuum fitness treatment is carried out over several sessions. The number of sessions is determined by the technician depending on the client’s skin condition


Aroma lifting facial massage

45 min / eur 32

Strong, sculpting facial massage for stimulating the natural skin regeneration processes. The massage increases metabolism, cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation, maintains muscle tone, and significantly slows the skin’s aging processes.

Includes: cleansing, toning, manual lifting massage with essential oils, application of facial cream

* After receiving 10 facial treatments over an unlimited period of time and collecting 10 stamps, you will receive a gift of Līga Nature SPA cosmetics worth 20 eur!

The offer applies to the following skin care treatments:

Express skin care treatment, skin care procedure based on skin type, intensive, cleansing, rejuvenating, anti-aging and lifting procedures.