Crio body wrapping

Active ingredients: Menthol / Calendula Extract / Allantoin / Ginseng Extract / Panthenol

Caffeine drains, stimulates excess fluid removal. Reduces edema, improves metabolic processes. Calendula Extract attracts skin to moisture, has anti-inflammatory effects. Stimulates skin regeneration processes, strengthens skin capillaries, reduces skin aging. Ginseng extract contains essential nutrients and vitamins for your skin.

During this wrapping process, the capillaries and blood vessels shrink, but the blood and lymph are transported to the eliminating organs by the shingles and toxins. Cold or crocheted wrap is especially recommended for edema, fatigue, leg heaviness, and rehabilitation after atherosclerosis. Cooling gels that are used during the wrapping process increase skin tone and promote slimming, strengthen the capillary walls and accelerate lymphatic drainage.

Effect Increases blood vessel wall tone / swelling / decreases in varicose vein enlargement / decreases in height / eliminates the effect of orange peel / lymphatic drainage, modeling effects / healing effects.

Duration of the procedure 60 min / Eur 30,00