Fito Aroma

Full of sense and flavor, Fito Aroma ritual, created by SPA Līga, combines natural power and energy that lies in plants and SPA master’s work, resulting in aromatic and refined skin, calm mind and great feeling!

  • Foot bathe in milk bath with herbs, light foot reflexology
  • Herbal body scrub with
  • Fito Aroma body massage with plant sticks and chamomile, green tea massage oil
  • Fito Aroma procedure for face and décolleté- cleansing, scrubbing, light massage and cream application

Tasty Fito Aroma herb tea for complete wellness…

Fito Aroma herbal peeling is made of exclusive mixture of spices, which is made of rice powder and aromatic herbs with excellent characteristics: ginger, cardamom, ground almonds, turmeric, cloves, turmeric, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon. This mixture perfectly warms the body and helps to cleanse the skin.

Pinda (plant stick) massage that is included in the ritual is carried with herbal bundles, that consists of flowers and herbal teas that are grown in Latvia and heated in the flax bags. Herbal bundles are heated, wetted in the warm fragrance oil, and the whole body is massaged with them.

This massage neutralizes negative energy, improves well-being, relieves stress, improves metabolism, promotes blood circulation and balances the internal energy.

Duration of ritual 120 min / Eur 60,00