Foot reflexology massage

Reflexology is a special method of foot massage that is based on the neurological link between the foot areas and the internal organs. By exerting pressure on these areas of the foot, a positive, stimulating effect on the part of the body is created.

Reflexology is based on the belief that the body is divided into ten longitudinal zones. If in the middle of the fingertips of the legs to the head the imaginary vertical line is drawn, then the five zones are to the right of this line and five to the left. All organs and structures in the same zone are interconnected. The right side of the body represents the surface of the right foot, while the left side is the surface of the left foot. Each of the organs is reflected on its own traces, for example, the heart – on the left, and the liver – on the right foot.

Foot massage provides a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. After the course, the body’s functional abilities, blood circulation, functioning of the nervous system and quality of sleep improve. Tension will decrease and posture will improve.

Massage duration 60 min / Eur 31,00