Honey body massage

Honey body massage is one of the most valuable massages to get rid of cellulite. This massage perfectly cleans and rejuvenates the skin, helps to eliminate cellulite, and is used for the correction of body shape. Massage effect is based on body skin interaction with biologically active substances that exist in honey, and the specific reflex therapy massage movements. During the massage the rapid improvement of blood flow is experienced into the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle. The result of honey body massage is amazing – toxins eliminate from the body, skin becomes silky and elastic, blood supply improves, extra weight fades, nervous system strengthens. The skin gets active feeding and obtains the ability to self-equalize.

Immunity increases, metabolism improves, subcutaneous fat deposits in problem areas reduce, and excess fluid is eliminated from the body, preventing edema.

60 min Eur 33,00