Hot Stones massage

It is a particularly enjoyable and effective body treatment.Heat of the basalt stones transfer heat and energy more than by hand massage

For this massage use basalt mineral rocks, that formed in a volcanic eruption. They are heated to a temperature, having regarded the client’s personal sense of temperature.

During the massage many rough stones of different sizes are used, changing and applying them to different parts of the body – to the back, neck, face, arms, legs and fingers. Biggest stones use for back and leg massage, smaller ones – for finger, neck and face massage.

This massage relieves pain, muscle spasms and softens the tissue, regulates the heart, blood vessels and nervous system, works against stress. One movement with stones outweighs six regular massage movements by acting on the deeper muscle tissue and providing deep relaxation, peace and rejuvenation.

Massage duration 120 min / Eur 62,00