Ocean SPA treasures

There are still treasures at the bottom of the ocean, and their positive effect on the body is immeasurable. Algae is filled with microelements and minerals which main effects are  purification. 

The SPA ritual includes a salt scrub, algae application in a heated blanket and body massage with essential oils. Algae applications activates and saturates blood and lymph circulation with oxygen, improves cell metabolism, reduces excess subcutaneous fat, stimulates the sweat glands, eliminates toxins, and restores and remineralizes the whole body. This treatment not only helps to reduce the cellulite, it makes the skin tighter and prevents acne from developing, it also strengthens the body’s immunity and helps in body toning.

The ritual includes:

  • Magnesium oil spray application to the body
  • Body peeling with Epsom salt, sea salt and citrus fruit essential oil blendreduces muscle and nervous tension, relaxes, and cleans the skin. It also tones and prepares skin to absorb the maximum of microelements and minerals of  algae
  • Spirulina and algae applications
  • Body massage with toning, skin strengthening and smoothing thyme-citrus massage oil
  • Facial treatment – cleansing, scrubbing, mask, light massage, and cream application

Duration of ritual 120 min / Eur 75