Permanent make up

After a permanent makeup, eyebrows look natural. The permanent makeup eyebrows are made with small stray-haired trains, drawing hairs similar to your natural ones, using specially-made natural pigments that resemble natural hair colors. Also, the upper or lower eyelids of the eye with a permanent makeup can be accentuated or made more visible. The upper eyelid can be stained in the shape you usually use with a pencil, or you can achieve a visual effect by making your lashes look thicker, with a little shading their growth line.

Upper eyelid contour + Eyelid Bottom Line (the price does not change by choosing only the upper or only the lower one) Eur 95,00 (1x)
Lip Contour Line Eur 95,00 (1x)
Lip Contour line with toning € 95.00 (1x)
Eyebrow Contour Line Eur 95.00 (1x)
Correction procedure EUR 45.00

The micropigmentation procedure is initially performed twice (1x and the correction procedure) at intervals of two to four weeks.