Shirodhara massage

During this procedure, the ayurvedic oil, an infusion of herbs in a thin fluff is used on the forehead. Shihrodhara regulates the background of the harmonies, helps against insomnia, stress, anxiety, anxiety, depression, hair loss, fatigue and makes people refreshed and calm. This is one of the deepest relaxation techniques.

The effects of the procedure are the reflector, temperature and movement acting on one of the main energy points, which projects slightly above the eyebrows in the middle of the frontal lobe, this point controls the movement of vital energy, the state of mind, the sensation of acuity, the entire endocrine system. Activating the point improves concentration, cleverness of the mind, calms the mind, slows down the brain’s bioelectromagnetic pulse rate to alpha rhythm (4-7 Hz), enabling the mind to focus, alleviating anxiety, depression, stress, relieving headaches, and promoting deep and tranquil sleep.

Procedure: 30-40 minutes oil drip / light head massage / light facial massage

Duration of the procedure 60 min / Eur 31,00