Sound therapy

Sound therapy
Sound is everything. It is one of the manifestations of divine love. Sound is energy and, by acting with it, singing or digging, the volume of love grows. And love cures …

The purpose of the sound is to connect yourself with yourself, yourself-with others, yourself-with the world, the universe, God. So that we can reveal our true nature. The main element of sound medicine is resonance. If someone resonates very strongly, it can also affect others. The principle of resonance determines – we can only deal with frequencies we find ourselves. The effects of thinking in the brain generate electrical impulses. They can be measured in the herons. These brain electric impulses affect the entire body. In turn, the sound is used to balance this process.

Sounds tell us a lot about ourselves. Its power is huge. In the story, we could only listen to it, trying to understand where the sound is perceived in the body, what kind of thoughts, emotions and sensations it creates, drawing attention to itself, not sound. Singing cures, but the true strength of singing lies behind the music, behind the sound, because the divine love of power cures the sound, but music is just the instrument that drives it. Music is an organized sound that has the ability to stimulate memory, associations, different psychological states, which in turn has a direct connection to the healing process.

The voice reveals much deeper layers of subconscious-those that we are not even aware of yet. It’s possible to hear a lot of Nianse – all emotional spectrum, mental attitude and understanding, heart’s inclination, world and self-realization world.

Sound therapy includes four directions: voice, chamber, sunglasses, sound recording and vibro-acoustic media.

Methods used in the SPA Liga sound therapy procedure include all of these aforementioned directions, with emphasis on interaction between chamber tones, Tibetan singing bowls and vibroacoustic therapy.Tibetan singing trays produce unique, unrepeatable sounds that heal on the human soul and the physical body. Oriental medicine believes that the cause of the disease is the blocked flow of energy that passes through the human body. In the Tibetan singing bowl, the energy channels are unlocked during the session of the sound massage dish, which leads to the free flow of vital energy through the canals and the person can feel healthy and happy again. Several dishes with different sound tonality, both low and medium, and woven, may be used during the Tibetan Sonic Dance Sound Massage session. In the course of the session sound waves bring deep relaxation to the body, the physical body and soul harmonize, the body’s internal energies, which contribute to the body’s self-healing and relief from stress.
Vibroacoustic therapy. One and perhaps the most important mechanism for the treatment of vibroacoustic therapy is its ability to increase the performance of organs, such as the kidneys and liver, by promoting and improving blood purification from contamination and regeneration products. Treatment of any disease requires increasing the intensity of tissue regeneration, which also means increasing the level of blood purification. If the blood, even to a small extent, remains untreated, the body will be forced to reduce the tissue renewal intensity at the same “small extent”. The result is a recovery deficit. Part of the cells stops timely and their average age increases. In the end, the body is aging, but the disease goes into chronic form. Initially, Vibroacoustic Therapy was used only for the treatment of edema, scarring, fractures and bruising. Their very high efficacy for a long time does not lead to an explanation, and this phenomenon gained an explanation only by revealing the role of microvibrates in the physiology and immunity processes. Sound frequencies act directly on the body, using all body resonators.
Exposure – relaxing, calming. Helps in various muscle problems and the overall tone of the body. Vibroacoustic microvibrates act on living tissues like massage, only more efficiently.

60 min / EUR 28.00